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Philippe Noyer Art Collection
Philippe Noyer (1917 1985) was born in Lyon (Central France). After a traditional course of study at the elite Ecole des Roches, Noyer enrolled in the Beaux Arts (Fine Arts) School of Lyon, before going to Paris to study at the Paul Colin School of Art and experience the whirlwinds of Surrealism first hand.

Philippe Noyer started his painting career in 1943. That same year he met the famous Paris art dealer, Emmanuel David, who promoted wo... Full Biography.

L' Autruche et Femme Photo L' Autruche et Femme, Philippe Noyer
Princess Elodie And The Ice Cream Photo Princess Elodie And The Ice Cream, Philippe Noyer
Femme Chez Maxim Photo Femme Chez Maxim, Philippe Noyer
La Blanc Yacht Photo La Blanc Yacht, Philippe Noyer
Les Petites Filles aux Piano Photo Les Petites Filles aux Piano, Philippe Noyer
Le Singe Photo Le Singe, Philippe Noyer
La Rolls Blanche Photo La Rolls Blanche, Philippe Noyer
Symphony To A Geranium Photo Symphony To A Geranium, Philippe Noyer
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The Graduate Photo The Graduate, Independent Artist
Cave Painting Photo Cave Painting, Independent Artist
Untitled Photo Untitled, Oleg Nikulov
Cheerleader Photo Cheerleader, Independent Artist
Annecy and Alps in Summer Photo Annecy and Alps in Summer, Independent Artist
Match Point Photo Match Point, Independent Artist
Whirlpool Photo Whirlpool, Independent Artist
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Frank Sinatra - The Voice Photo Frank Sinatra - The Voice, LeRoy Neiman
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